Nova Exims

Established in the year ……, (Company Name) aims to import and make various gadgets and technologies easily available in the Nepali market. In addition, we work to deliver first class customer service with value for money innovative products that satisfy the need of the customers.

We specialize in the import and sales of products such as ………………

We pride ourselves in being one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms for high quality
products from all countries like ……..


To continue to grow as we have over the years in business through introduction of latest technologies and staying ahead of market trends. We aim to achieve this by maintaining our core principles and values of placing the customer first and staying loyal to our trade only philosophy.


To continue to stay ahead of our competitors by taying focused on what made us a market leader: service, competitiveness and after sales assistance. We will provide after sales support to ensure that every customers experience is an exceptional one and that our customers walk away feeling satisfied that they have received the best deal and service from Gadget Import.